The Copa de Balon Gin Glass

In recent times, the Copa de Balon glass has grown very popular. You've probably noticed this style of glass in your favourite bars and restaurants, so what better than to give you some background knowledge and highlight why it's the ideal partner for your favoured G&T.

What is a Copa de Balon glass?

The Copa de Balon glass can roughly translated to 'Balloon Cup'. These gin glasses appeared in the 1700s inside the Basque province of Northern Spain. Chefs of the time would be seen using these glasses in their kitchens. The combination of the long stem and large bowl allowed them to use plenty of ice, while keeping the drink cooler for longer! Eventually, the copa de balon made its way west to the USA during the Prohibition Era, becoming even more popular among drinkers.

Since then, the Copa de Balon has gained a strong reputation and is now the glass of preference for many people when drinking a G&T. The glass continues to be celebrated within Spain today, with the country having a high consumption of gin.

Why is the Copa de Balon perfect to serve a G&T in?

With it having a similar shape to that of a regular wine glass, the Copa de Balon is can be considered its broader companion. Its unique shape along with its wider bowl and long stem serves to intensify the flavour and bring out the best of your preferred G&T.

How does it do it?

The unusual shape of the Copa de Balon glass gives your drink an improved taste, with its shape helping to gather the botanical fragrances from your gin. The glass is spacious enough to fill with lots of ice and numerous garnishes, enhancing the flavour of your gin as well as keeping it cooler for longer. Due to its wide shape, this allows you the means to combine and experiment with different ingredients and fruits rather than the standard old lime wedge.

Where can I get one?

Think you are a gin connoisseur? As you now have a deeper understanding of Copa de Balon gin glass, why not accompany your next G&T in its most complimentary glass? At Lillywhite and Brown, our Copa de Balon gin gift sets have become top sellers and are finished in an elegant foam-lined box, making this a perfect gift for any gin enthusiast.

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