The Ultimate Guide to Nosing and Tasting Whisky

You'd be surprised at how amazing whisky can taste if you take the time to appreciate its unique aroma and flavour. However, you don't need to go to an expensive whisky tasting course in order to fully appreciate your favourite alcoholic beverages; host a tasting night with your friends decide once and for all which brand of whisky is your favourite.


1. Preparation is key
Organisation is key when it comes to hosting a whisky tasting night so make sure you have all of the necessary equipment ready beforehand. Print off a whisky tasting checklist so you can take note of and remember the flavour and texture of each beverage. Most importantly, make sure you have some quality whisky tumblers at your disposal, as the unique structure allows you to properly taste your drink; if you don't buy them for yourself, whisky gift sets will make a great gift for anyone who loves a tipple - don't forget check out our store!

2. Observe the colour and movement
Be patient after you pour the whisky, allowing it to rest for up to five minutes to allow it to settle. During this time, observe the colour of your drink and don't be afraid to get descriptive with how it looks. Gently swirl the whisky to observe its viscosity; the legs of liquid that run down the inside of the glass are different depending on the brand and age of whisky.

3. Nosing

The fragrance of whisky says a lot about the flavour and giving it a good whiff can enhance the overall flavour. Carefully swill the glass for five seconds and gently smell the aromas that are unleashed; concentrate on the main scent as well as the undercurrents. Repeat the process and put your nose further into the glass and think harder about the scent and what the smell reminds you of. When you swap between whiskeys, sniff some coffee beans to cleanse your palette.

4. Taste the whisky
At long last, it's finally time to taste the whisky. Take a small sip and allow the drink to run over your tongue. Take note of the texture and if there is more than one texture present; some whiskeys are creamy and others can be nutty. Once you've swallowed the whisky, appreciate the aftertaste and take note of how long this lingers.

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