Whisky Stones – Do They Really Work?

Whisky has become one of the most refined drinks in today's society. It is no wonder then that it is favoured by many people whether drinking at home or in bars. One important factor when drinking whisky is whether to have it chilled or on the rocks. While whisky can be perfectly satisfying to drink with ice, whisky stones or metal ice stones are gaining popularity when it comes to enjoying whisky in its pure form. We take a look at a few reasons why metal ice stones could be better than ice.

Prevents dilution

This is the main reason why many people are choosing whisky stones over ice. As they are not made of water, which eventually melts into your drink, they do not weaken the flavour or strength of your whisky so you can enjoy a purer form of your chosen tipple. This makes them especially perfect for slow sippers.

Effective at chilling drinks

High quality ice stones are normally made from stainless steel. Sometimes cheaper alternatives may be crafted from chalk or stone, however these are usually not as effective as their metal counterparts. Steel-based whisky stones are known for maintaining their temperature for longer without melting than ice so it doesn't matter if you are a slow or fast drinker, your whisky will remain chilled. Plus, their classy appearance adds a novel touch to any glass.

Can be used for any drink

Even though they are often referred to as whisky stones, they can additionally be used for other beverages. If you use whisky stones once and would like to use them for a different drink, then you can rest assured they won't transfer a taste, allowing you to enjoy your beverage the way it was meant to be savoured. They will also not rust on exposure to moisture and simply require a quick wash after use. 

The conclusion

Whisky stones are perfect for your next scotch on the rocks and would make a unique gift for family, friends or even work colleagues. Here at Lillywhite and Brown, we sell whisky gift sets which include stainless steel whisky stones. If you want to find out more or fancy purchasing some whisky stones for yourself, feel free to visit our online shop today or contact us with any questions that you might have!

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