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"Creating exceptional experiences from everyday moments" 

How many times a year do you use your ‘best’ homeware? A handful at most; those causes for celebrations? But why should it be that way?

We founded Lillywhite & Brown because life’s too short to wait for those annual celebrations to enjoy your best shoes, your best gins and your best homeware. We wanted to create beautiful products that feel just as right to enjoy after a long Wednesday at work as they do when hosting for friends at the weekend.

...Our mission: 'Creating exceptional experiences from everyday moments'.

We believe enjoying a good drink should be an experience to savour; the company, the atmosphere... the tactile, weighted glass that sits in your hand with the drink of your choice. We don’t want our beautiful glassware to be at the top of your shelves gathering dust!

So whether you are looking to start your own unique glass or barware collection or wishing to gift some well-earned indulgence to a special friend, we hope you feel as passionately about our range as we do.

Your feedback and recommendations to friends have kept us alive and we are truly grateful and pledge to keep our promise of providing a customer experience you’ll love. Know how we can improve, or perhaps have a request for a new range? Drop us a message here, we'd love to hear from you.

Thank you and happy drinking!

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