Sapling Vodka 35cl
Sapling Vodka 35cl
Sapling Vodka 35cl
Sapling Vodka 35cl
Sapling Vodka 35cl

Sapling Spirits

Sapling Vodka 35cl

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Produced in the heart of London

The high starch content of the wheat chosen by Sapling Spirits leaves a round finish and a natural sweetness that lends itself beautifully to many of your favourite cocktails.

But the team at Sapling believe in more than just high-quality spirits.

Not only is their vodka of the utmost smoothness and purity, but for every bottle produced they plant a tree.

From fruit trees in London to Hazelnut trees in Suffolk, Sapling Spirits projects are all to the benefit of the communities local to the planting. 

A recent study found that an average bottle of vodka uses 2.8kg of carbon before it reaches its customer. One tree can absorb up to 1.5 tonnes of carbon in its lifetime, making each Sapling Vodka bottle significantly carbon positive!

Lillywhite & Brown Signature Serve

This vodka is so smooth that it's perfect to serve neat. Pop the bottle in the freezer to make it ice cold and silky smooth, use a chilled, fancy tumbler and then serve neat - you won't be disappointed.


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