Elizabeth Gin, 50cl
Elizabeth Gin, 50cl
Elizabeth Gin, 50cl
Elizabeth Gin, 50cl

HMS Spirits

Elizabeth Gin, 50cl

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Set Sail with Elizabeth Gin

A delicate balance of botanicals, a classic London Dry Gin and a natural elderflower distillate, producing a juniper led gin on the nose followed by light flowery and honey like tones, ensuring a crisp, palate-cleansing finish.

Elizabeth Gin uses 100% organic British wheat grain spirit as the base for this well-balanced juniper led London Dry. Produced in small batches in copper stills, Elizabeth Gin symbolises the HMS Spirits ethos; a modern twist based on traditional production methods.

Producing a crisp palate cleansing finish with flowery overtones of honey, Elizabeth Gin is carefully distilled in small batches using a copper pot still and retains a slightly higher essential oil content which gives it a richness and ensures its smoothness on the palate.

Ben Maguire, founder of HMS Spirits, always enjoyed a refreshing G&T. Coming from a naval family, he felt that there was a gap in the market and wanted to create something that combined traditional gin making values with a modern twist. HMS Spirits set sail, testing exciting modern botanicals within a traditional distillation process.

Word is getting around. The HMS Spirits Fleet has grown and is creating interest, selling fast and is also now winning awards at home and abroad, including LSC Silver 2018, IWSC Outstanding Silver, Outstanding Gin and Tonic Silver 2018 and Double Gold at the China Wine & Spirits Awards 2019.


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