Island Gin, 70cl
Island Gin, 70cl
Island Gin, 70cl
Island Gin, 70cl
Island Gin, 70cl

Scilly Spirit Distillery

Island Gin, 70cl

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A Little Bit of Scilly in Every Sip!

At the most south-westerly point of the UK, husband and wife team, Arthur & Hilary Miller established their Scilly Spirit Distillery on St Mary’s island, in the enchanting archipelago, the Isles of Scilly. 

Although only founded in 2019, Scilly Spirit Distillery were receiving accolades and awards within weeks of releasing their initial “Island Gin”. Their striking bottle was awarded “Winner – Best Design & Packaging in Spirits” for the UK in the Drinks Business Awards in May 2019 – and you can see why!  

Island Gin uses carefully chosen and ethically sourced botanicals, steeped for 48 hours. This process allows all the flavours and oils to infuse the spirit. Once the gin has been created, it is left to rest for at least two weeks to enable the flavours to meld and marry, creating a smooth rounded spirit. 

Island Gin - The Story 

Naturally, a significant inspiration for Scilly Spirit Distillery comes from the vast ocean surrounding them. On 18th January 1665 a spice trade ship was wrecked off Bishop Rock. Its contents being Peppercorns from Java. This fascinating true story eventually lead to one of the key botanicals in their Island Gin.

And their ocean-going theme doesn’t stop there. Bishop Rock features one of the tallest lighthouses in the UK, and so it became imperative they paid homage to this significant icon of the Scilly Isles. Hence their bottle shape, with its tall neck standing proud like their famed Lighthouse, and a deep wooden stopper resembling Bishop’s helicopter landing pad. 

Even the bottle colour was developed to best capture the distinctive, vibrant aqua green of the sea that surrounds the Scilly Isles. They elected to decorate these bottles – versus the traditional labelling option – to best represent the archipelago’s purity, tranquillity and beauty.  

Such attention to detail explains their award success.  Equally attentive and dedicated to their craft, fulfilling every aspect of making their Island Gin, from the small batch distillation runs, to bottling and labelling (tamper seals – each personally signed and batch coded - plus awards medals), to packing and dispatch. The latter being no small task, as everything has to be taken from the distillery to St Mary’s quay, to load on to the thrice weekly freight ship to Penzance.  

So, if you are seeking a truly authentic, delicious, artisan gin, with genuine provenance and the owner’s total commitment so very evident, then Island Gin delivers! 

Tasting Notes 

Island Gin has a lovely balance of piney juniper, cardamom, with a hint of orange, herbal lime leaf and warm familiar notes of cassia. 

Full and round in flavour, with soft citrus and juniper on the fore, followed by layers of fennel, a fruity peppery note and subtle spice. The savoury tones of the pepper and cardamom are balanced by a touch of sweetness from the orange and fennel. 

Lillywhite & Brown Signature Serve 

Enjoy Island Gin the way it is supposed to be drunk - with a large measure over ice, garnished with a fresh kaffir lime leaf and a dried orange slice, with two measures of premium Indian tonic. 

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