Orkney Akvavit, 70cl
Orkney Akvavit, 70cl

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Orkney Akvavit, 70cl

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Scotland's First Akvavit!

Orkney Akvavit is a Scandinavian botanical spirit, distilled eight times. With caraway forward and refreshing herbaceous notes, this Akvavit is very smooth and fresh.

We love to drink it with tonic, and as Akvavit is sometimes known in Scandinavia as a 'gin', we think it partners up with tonic, ginger ale and sodas, and ginny garnishes for a very refreshing and light drink fit for a viking of course! 

The flavour of these spirits may vary slightly from batch to batch, although we follow the same precise recipe. This is due to the natural variations in the botanicals used and we feel this adds to the character of our unique creations. 

What is Akvavit?

Akvavit (sometimes spelled Aquavit) is a lesser known Scandinavian spirit, which has been around for hundreds of years.

Unlike a lot of Scotland, Orkney belonged to Scandinavia for a very long time - about the same amount of time that Orcadians have been Scottish uptil now.

So, unlike a lot of Scottish Islands, their dialect came from Norse. In fact, many people spoke Norse until the 1800's, and a lot of words still used there today came from Norse.  A lot of Orkney's history, traditions and folklore including the stories of selkies came from their connections to Scandinavia. 

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Historically Akvavit was enjoyed alone either cold or at room temperature. Some sources argue that it is also the perfect accompaniment with a nice beer in one hand, and the Akvavit in the other. We love serving it like that too, but our favourite has to be with a lovely Indian tonic. We love Franklin and Sons Rosemary and Black Olive, or plain Indian tonic.

For those of you who need that fiery fierce kick, try with ginger ale and garnish with a slice of orange and star anise, it's incredibly versatile, and not one you'll forget!


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