Greensand Ridge Wealden Rum, 50cl
Greensand Ridge Wealden Rum, 50cl

Greensand Ridge

Greensand Ridge Wealden Rum, 50cl

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Greensand Ridge are a brand with the environment in mind. Aiming to produce the finest spirits possible, reflecting the flavours of the woods, orchards, fields and hedgerows that surround their distillery. 

On top of making gorgeous spirits, the Greensand Ridge team focus on mitigating food waste, reducing their emissions, minimising chemical use and eliminating waste!

Founder Will Edge is something of a spirits Womble - making good use of the things that he finds, the things that most people would leave behind. In this case, by-products from the sugar refining ie. molasses. After fermentation, the boozy liquid is distilled in a column still to create a very smooth fruity rum. It's then aged for 6-10 months in ex-bourbon barrels to smooth it further, to give it some spice and to impart that beautiful golden colour.

A very versatile, very smooth rum, with spicy, peppery notes and a round texture with a vanilla and raisin finish.

Very easy to drink on the rocks or just at home when used in a cocktail such as a Daiquiri.

Strength 40% 



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