Spire Gin 50cl
Spire Gin, Wessex Spirits sold by Lillywhite & Brown
Spire Gin, Wessex Spirits sold by Lillywhite & Brown
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Wessex Spirits

Spire Gin 50cl

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Citrus-Infused Small Batch Gin

Spire Gin is produced at the independent distillery house of Wessex Spirits in north-west Hampshire and is inspired by the distillery’s neighbouring local community in the stunning city of Salisbury.

The unique essence of this small-batch gin is created combining contemporary tastes using locally sourced botanicals.

This fresh gin is enriched with an infusion of lemon verbena; this provides a light, bright and fruity flavour that accents the citrus qualities.

Each bottle is hand filled, sealed, labelled and numbered in the Wessex Spirits boutique distillery house for all gin lovers to enjoy.

Lillywhite & Brown Signature Serve

All drops of Spire Gin are to be savoured over ice, complemented with a crisp Mediterranean tonic and best presented in a balloon glass with grapefruit zest and peppercorns to garnish.


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