Test Valley Gin 70cl
Test Valley Gin, Wessex Spirits sold by Lillywhite & Brown
Test Valley Gin, Wessex Spirits sold by Lillywhite & Brown
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Wessex Spirits

Test Valley Gin 70cl

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Infusion of basil and thyme

Test Valley Gin is produced at the independent distillery house of Wessex Spirits in north-west Hampshire and is inspired by the tranquil English countryside lining the banks of the River Test.

The unique essence of this small-batch gin is created combining contemporary tastes using locally sourced botanicals. This savoury gin is enriched with an infusion of basil and thyme; the basil's sweet - yet savoury - taste is twinned with a peppery touch, and the thyme has a subtle aroma with a dry intensity that is softened with a hint of minty flavour.

Each bottle is hand filled, sealed, labelled and numbered in the Wessex Spirits boutique distillery house for all gin lovers to enjoy.

Lillywhite & Brown Signature Serve

This savoury gin is to be savoured over ice, complemented with a crisp Indian tonic and is best presented in a balloon glass with a fresh basil leaf, a pinch of thyme and peppercorns to garnish.


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